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Join us to reduce the daily hazards posed to students, educators, and residents by the Devil's Gate sediment removal project.

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Our group is actively pursuing strategies that have worked for other communities to improve public health and air quality.

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LCF 4 Healthy Air

La Cañada Flintridge, California 91011, United States


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LCF 4 Healthy Air

We are a parent organization with the goal of informing and engaging the public in understanding the impact the Devil's Gate Sediment Removal project will have on our students.  

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This FAQs section is a work in progress.  Please email us your questions info@lcf4healthyair.org and we'll gladly add them with answers here. 


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Your help is much appreciated.  If you have interest in air quality health impact or air quality monitoring we need your energy.  Please contact us at info@lcf4healthyair.org and let us know your area of expertise or interest.  Your time is appreciated. Thank you!